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Recent Reviews

The 20 most recent school reviews submitted by course graduates.

The TEFL Academy

Karin Jooste 3 hours ago
The TEFL Level 3 course provided a solid foundation for teaching English abroad. The content was well-structured, offering a blend of theoretical… read more

Vantage TEFL Certification

Vivien 7 days ago
I initially signed up for the in-house course with the company iTTT. I was quite shocked and started to feel sceptical when iTTT handed me over to… read more

The TEFL Academy

Kyle G 1 week ago
The 120-hour TEFL course was a perfect option for someone like me who wished to earn my TEFL on my own time and online. I felt the course integrated… read more

International TEFL and TESOL Training (ITTT)

Constantina Nedelcu 1 week ago
All 120 hours course that i take it online, it was interesting and some parts are hard some easy. I liked the most the educations parts, i don’t… read more

Vantage TEFL Certification

Rupa 1 week ago
I enrolled in Vantage TEFL's In-Class Course in Bangkok with the goal of becoming an English language teacher. The experience exceeded my… read more

Oxford Seminars

Marie Smith 1 week ago
I really love Amy's professionalism and her insights as to how to teach grammar rules and pronunciation. She is very accommodating and delightful. read more

Maximo Nivel

Jennifer Winsor 1 week ago
I have to say that taking the TEFL course in Guatemala with Maximo and Wayne the TEFL Instructor has been one of the best decisions I have ever made… read more

Oxford Seminars

Robin Brigden 1 week ago
An excellent pathway to becoming a certified TESL teacher. The online practicum rivalled any that I took part in to receive my Bachelor of Education.… read more

Oxford Seminars

Natasha Popovych 1 week ago
I enjoyed a lot learning at the Oxford seminars! I had a wonderful teacher and I learned so much and I am happy that now I am able to travel the… read more

Vantage TEFL Certification

Cherry 1 week ago
Joining TEFL at Vantage is the best decision I've ever made!!! I got a lot of stress about searching TEFL courses in bkk and deciding on which one to… read more

Maximo Nivel

Ann Huysmans 1 week ago
This intense, life-changing course was absolutely 100% worth it and I credit my instructor, Wayne Summerbell for that. Wayne is engaging and funny… read more

The TEFL Academy

Mekara 2 weeks ago
I have truly enjoyed my time with TEFL, and this is why. 1. The course was doable to complete within the given time. I actually started last year,… read more

Vantage TEFL Certification

Alexandra 2 weeks ago
I just finished my TEFL course last Friday. Big thanks to Chris, Kevin and Ryan for making this school one of the best ones out there. When I… read more

Maximo Nivel

Andrew 2 weeks ago
I am so thankful that I chose to attend Maximo! The program was well thought out and the delivery of instruction was wonderful. Wayne was without a… read more

Ninja Teacher Academy

Simon Le 2 weeks ago
You will not find a better in-person TEFL course in Saigon than Ninja Teacher. The course was great including instructional training, class… read more

The TEFL Academy

Bianca Franke 2 weeks ago
Amazing course and definitely value for money. The content was well organized and explained. Everything was thought through and explained in a user… read more


Aisso T. Bosker 2 weeks ago
Not being a native speaker but having used English all my life I thought it was time to get my TEFL certificate and gradually develop a new career.… read more

Vantage TEFL Certification

Mercy 2 weeks ago
I recently had the pleasure of participating in a TEFL/TESOL course that just concluded with Vantage TEFL Certification and I must say it has been an… read more

i-to-i TEFL

Violet 2 weeks ago
Please, Please, Please do research before you buy a course with TEFL I-to-I. There is almost no help and proper feedback, if you call they tell you to… read more

The TEFL Institute

Yevheniia Prymakova 3 weeks ago
My name is Yevheniia and I would like to share my impressions on 10 hour Virtual TEFL course, held by Michelle Benson. The course is really useful for… read more
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