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Read moderated reviews of onsite TEFL certification courses in the US and abroad. This list includes schools offering standard 120-hour classroom-based ESL teacher training, as well as shorter and longer courses in cool locations worldwide.

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Recent Reviews

The 20 most recent school reviews submitted by course graduates.

Vantage TEFL Certification

Chris G. 5 days ago
I just recently completed Vantage's in-house 120 hour course, here is my experience: After making the leap of moving from the US to Thailand with… read more

Vantage TEFL Certification

Laura du 6 days ago
It is one of my favorite course I have attended. It is practical and it guide you to the professional direction. read more

Oxford Seminars

Janice Wardle 1 week ago
I am currently on my second placement with Oxford. The first time the Job Placement advisor bent over backwards to find a recruiter who was willing to… read more

Vantage TEFL Certification

jeannie colbert 1 week ago
I had signed up for the combined TEFL online study course. I was to do the study part online and then attend the Vantage center for 2 weeks of… read more

International TEFL and TESOL Training (ITTT)

Jane Garcia 2 weeks ago
The course covers the key grammar elements for teaching English as a foreign language, and is a good aid for organizing lessons. Feedback is… read more

The TEFL Academy

Keshia 2 weeks ago
I found the course challenging but I managed it was very helpful taught me new things I've never done teaching but I've learned an believe its gonna… read more

International TEFL and TESOL Training (ITTT)

Fred Mclean 2 weeks ago
I completed the 120 hour no assistance course. Wasn't that impressed. Some lessons contained filler and some were extremely short, barely enough info… read more

International TEFL and TESOL Training (ITTT)

Builenko Andrei 2 weeks ago
Hello there. I've just finished my 120-hour TEFL course and I'm pretty satisfied with it. Very informative units, quick feedback and of course the… read more

TEFL Educator - TEFL Boot Camp

Paul M Walsh 2 weeks ago
This TEFL Course was a lot of work!! There was a lot of hard work, lots to read, and plenty of videos to watch. I didn’t realize that there was so… read more

The TEFL Academy

David Bradfield 2 weeks ago
Great way to earn a certificate. You can plan your own study schedule. The flow of the lesson and courses are great and well-structured lesson that… read more

TEFL Trainer

Laura Bland 3 weeks ago
I spent six weeks teaching at the school in Valencia and gained so much during my time there. I started gaining valuable experience from day two,… read more


Aaron 3 weeks ago
TEFLPros is the best TEFL course out there! There are so many options to choose from, but in the end, this was hands down the best TEFL course. They… read more

Maximo Nivel

Rachel Schultz 3 weeks ago
I had a great time during my TEFL training. Maximo Nivel was very supportive with anything I needed. My Guatemalan host family was great, and my… read more

TEFL Educator - TEFL Boot Camp

Maria 3 weeks ago
I am happy that I took this course! Ted is a great academic adviser and provides a lot of guidance. I always got quick responses to my emails and an… read more

Entrust TEFL

Danielle Stephenson 3 weeks ago
I just graduated from Entrust April 2019 course. What an amazing course. From being picked up at the airport on my arrival and taken to my… read more

TEFL Worldwide Prague

Kenneth Rasmussen 4 weeks ago
Coming into the course after almost two decades out of school I wasn’t sure what to expect, or if I would be able to successfully complete the… read more

TEFL Worldwide Prague

Corinne 4 weeks ago
TEFL Worldwide Prague was a great experience. The entire office staff – Cheryl, Dana, and Veronika – was always kind and extremely helpful! The… read more

TEFL Worldwide Prague

Vladi Toman 1 month ago
The TEFL is one of the best school I studied at and it’s also one of my best choices so far. I‘ve learned many good things and techniques at this… read more

TEFL Worldwide Prague

Brooke 1 month ago
I started considering a TEFL program in 2015 and was in contact with several different schools. For the majority of 2018 Cheryl and Dana were in… read more

TEFL Campus

Kirandeep kaur 1 month ago
It would have been helpful if you could have arranged face to face experience sharing sessions with working teachers at the end of every week.:) read more
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