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The 20 most recent school reviews submitted by course graduates.

The TEFL Academy

Vince Thornton 2 weeks ago
I have just reached retirement age and wanted something to do to keep my mind active and to give myself a way of earning part-time. For me the… read more

i-to-i TEFL

Roelf Faurie 2 weeks ago
I enrolled for the 180 hrs course. I enjoyed the work and quality of the lessons. I submitted assignment 1 on time. When it was time for assignment 2,… read more

Vantage TEFL Certification

William 2 weeks ago
What an experience! I really enjoyed every moment at Vantage. I was a trainee between February and March 2024 and we were a class of 6 persons. We… read more


Neal BOURHIS 3 weeks ago
I just finished my 120 hour TEFL course and that was really interesting. I learnt many thing and I am impatient to use them in a real classroom.… read more

The TEFL Institute

MARIYAM 4 weeks ago
It is not very often that we could reflect on what we had learned in our classes, especially if you had been attending classes till 1am . 2 days, 10… read more


Katarzyna Piwowarska 4 weeks ago
LANG LTC CELTA online course was a very challenging and enriching experience for me. I decided to do it being considerably older than the average… read more

Global Language Training

Sophia 4 weeks ago
In general course was good and I did learn a lot. However, the grammar style of how some the of the questions were written in the quizzes and exams… read more

Teaching House

Georgina Brookes 4 weeks ago
Everything was great. I really enjoyed the course and, though I worked harder than I ever have in my life, I gained such a lot - including a number of… read more

Maximo Nivel

Jurgen Quintanilla 4 weeks ago
As a non native speaker, I was considering to quit TEFL because I felt that my English wasn't good enough, then I met Sean, he encouraged me to do… read more

Teaching House

Maria Vogt 4 weeks ago
This course was intense but trained us very well for teaching! By the time you finish, you will have taught 8 classes with up to 18 adult students.… read more

Maximo Nivel

SE 4 weeks ago
I come from a teaching background in the States, but this program completely changed my perspective of what it means to teach. My instructor Wayne… read more

Maximo Nivel

Kaela 4 weeks ago
Entering TEFL, I had no idea what to expect and harbored doubts about whether I could even complete the course, especially since it had been fifteen… read more

Vantage TEFL Certification

Aung 1 month ago
I really want to appreciate Mr.Chris and Mr.Kevin from here.They were my mentors.They guided me the proper way and gave effort and pressure to go the… read more

TEFL Educator - TEFL Boot Camp

Khaliya 1 month ago
I just finished this course, and it's great!! I highly recommend it. It was very easy- They tell you everything you need to do and give a detailed… read more

i-to-i TEFL

Aimar 1 month ago
I wish I didn’t waste my money on these guys. Firstly they don’t answer any phone calls, live chat is basically useless, and the nit picking on… read more

TEFL Iberia

Layla Bell 1 month ago
I came into TEFL Iberia with very little expectation for what to receive - this is just me as a person not creating any expectation. Should I have had… read more

Vantage TEFL Certification

Win May Thaw 1 month ago
I attended TEFL training at Vantage Siam Bangkok on February and March 2024. The course has provided the key requirements to be an English teacher.… read more

i-to-i TEFL

Ylli Pepaj 1 month ago
I embarked on the I-to-I TEFL course with hopes of gaining valuable knowledge and skills to kickstart my teaching career. Unfortunately, my experience… read more

The TEFL Institute

Traian Septimiu Gabrian 1 month ago
Despite the limited time frame, I found the course to be well-constructed. Michelle Benson, the trainer, adeptly guided me and the other students… read more


Raf 1 month ago
My experience at AVSE was truly remarkable! The teaching methods, filled with hands-on activities and the presence of supportive instructors, made the… read more
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