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Ilya Welsh 20 hours ago
During the beginning of the pandemic, I decided to get my TEFL certificate, as a means to earn money while under lockdown. I did a lot of research and… read more

International TEFL and TESOL Training (ITTT)

Maria Victoria 21 hours ago
I have just completed my 120 hours online course. It was my first online course and to be honest I was very pleased with the way the course was… read more

Promise Opens Doors

Agnesia Sangka 1 day ago
I am a university student from Indonesia. I took the TEFL certificate program from Promise Opens Doors for approximately 9 months. I feel beyond… read more

Maximo Nivel

Beth Crosbie 3 days ago
Getting TEFL certified was hands down the highlight of 2022 for me! It has opened doors for me allowing me to continue teaching at Maximo in Guatemala… read more

International TEFL and TESOL Training (ITTT)

Heather B 5 days ago
I just completed the 120 hour course. I found the resources and the videos to be helpful. The only problem I encountered was that some of the resource… read more


Katherine 1 week ago
I took the 140 hour course and found it very easy to navigate the website. The lessons were clear and to the point. I worked at my own pace and never… read more

Oxford Seminars

Adam Joel McCort 1 week ago
I had a very positive learning experience with this course. I would recommend taking it before trying to apply to teaching jobs overseas. read more

i-to-i TEFL

Christo Coetzer 2 weeks ago
After doing my 300-Hour course with i-to-i I enquired about further opportunities for courses on which I received a recommendation for an additional… read more

The TEFL Academy

Shannon Conacher 2 weeks ago
The diploma course was definitely worth it. The assignment's were useful in provided the required skills to become a proficient teacher. Navigating… read more

The TEFL Academy

Koketso Mmanasoe 2 weeks ago
The TTA course is an excellent course, it walks you through teaching esl at a good pace, in small chunks at a time. The course is very interactive and… read more

The TEFL Academy

Nadia 2 weeks ago
I really enjoyed doing this course and I’m so glad I stuck with it becasue I’m now qualified! I really enjoyed completing this in my own time and… read more

The TEFL Academy

Kemi 2 weeks ago
I am really satisfied with every aspect of the course and training. I applaud the support service for answering to complaints almost immediately. I… read more

The TEFL Academy

Anne-sophie akil 2 weeks ago
I am very happy with everything about the course i purchased. The content was good and separated in useful and clear units. The 3 assignments were… read more

The TEFL Academy

Rabia Ali 2 weeks ago
I found the content structure made it possible to navigate the course with ease. The content was interesting and helpful and gave me confidence in… read more

The TEFL Academy

Amy 2 weeks ago
Thoroughly enjoyed this course, it has great learning materials and lots of content you can learn from and use in future teaching positions! Would… read more


Codey Swickis 2 weeks ago
This course is one of the best out there, the support is there to help you with any questions you may have and replays almost instantly, it's a little… read more

Costa Rica TEFL

Shane Doherty 2 weeks ago
Loved my time in the TEFL School in Samara. Barb and the whole team were helpful from day one and made the whole experience thoroughly enjoyable! The… read more

The TEFL Institute

Kelley 2 weeks ago
I spelt my name wrong and I messaged the support people and Rachael got back to me as soon as and she was very helpful read more

The TEFL Academy

Tammy du Plessis 2 weeks ago
I was nervous and worried about studying again after so long but this was an excellent course with amazing video's and course content. I will… read more

International TEFL and TESOL Training (ITTT)

Jonathan Barahona 2 weeks ago
Completed my 120hr course and this course builds a great foundation for a future in this field of teaching. This course left me with a greater sense… read more
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