Special Offer Ads

The Special Offer Ad lets you promote any deals, promotions and discounts you might be running in multiple locations on TEFLCourseReview.com. It’s a great way to increase traffic to your current campaigns.


  • Price: $25 USD/month
  • Special Offer ads run for 30 days and can be renewed indefinitely.
  • These ads are limited to text only.
  • Ad titles are limited to 35 characters.
  • Ad descriptions are limited to 135 characters.
  • Ad buyer must have a school listed on TEFLCourseReview.com.
  • Special Offer ads must link to some type of offer or discount or deal. Links to pages without special pricing of offers will not be accepted.

Display Locations

Special Offer ads appear in a variety of places on the TEFLCourseReview.com website. Below are the 4 locations Special Offers are currently displayed:

1. Dedicated Page

All Special Offers will be displayed on the dedicated Special Offers page. The link to the Special Offers page is available in the main menu at the top of every page. Special Offers on this page are ordered randomly.

Example of Special Offers page.

2. Sidebars

All Special Offers are displayed on pages which have sidebars such as the “About” page, “Contact” page, etc… This does not include pages like the “Online Courses” because that sidebar is already full.

Example of Special Offers in Sidebar

3. Listing Callouts

If your school has a Special Offer, a blue “ribbon” will appear anytime your school appears in a list of schools. The blue ribbon denotes that your school is offering a special promotion.

Example of special offer callout in loop

4. Single Listing Pages

If your school has a Special Offer, the offer will appear in your school’s main listing page.

Example of special offer on single school listing

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