Hero Ads

Hero Ads provide great exposure in categories where you want to promote your services. A Hero Ad appears next to the category title and description on specified category page (What is a category page?). Additionally, Hero Ads appear next to school names on single school listing pages of those schools which have a basic listing (as opposed to a Featured Listing) but which belong to the category page(s) selected.


  • Price: $25 USD/month for each category page
  • Hero Ads run for 30 days and can be renewed indefinitely.
  • Hero Ads appear to the right of the category title and description the chosen category page(s).
  • Hero Ads appear to the right of the school name on basic school listings which are in the same categories as the chosen category page(s).
  • Hero Ads are images of the type .png or .jpg.
  • Hero Ads maximum dimensions are 300 pixels wide × 250 pixels high.

Display Locations

Hero Ads appear in 2 different places on TEFLCourseReview.com

1. Category Page

Hero Ads are displayed to the right of the category’s title and description on selected category pages.

2. Basic Listings

All Hero Ads will rotate and be displayed on any Basic Listing school that is part of the category you have selected.

What are category pages?

Category pages are any page on TEFLCourseReview.com that displays a list of schools and a right sidebar containing filters to limit the list of schools by various criteria. Examples of some (but not all) of the available category pages are Online Courses, Onsite Courses, TEFL Courses in Italy, TEFL Courses in Mexico, etc…

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