Category: Professional Development

Articles about advancing a career in teaching English beyond the initial 120 training hours.

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2022 Conferences and Events for English Language Teachers

English language teachers looking for professional development and networking opportunities this year have a good list of events to choose...

/ February 10, 2022

5 Important Tips for New and Aspiring Online ESL Teachers

Have you ever considered teaching English online? Or maybe you have recently started and need some insider tips? In this...

/ May 7, 2021

Four Ways to Get Better at Teaching Teenagers

Every teacher has felt challenged by teaching teenagers at some point, mostly because of one key factor: motivation. Or in...

/ November 18, 2019

List of Professional Organizations

Professional organizations host conferences, meet-ups, courses, workshops, and other opportunities to advance your teaching skills and network. Check one out...

/ November 5, 2018

Common Specialist Courses

Here is a list of common areas of specialization for ESL teachers, along with a brief description and links to...

/ October 24, 2018