Featured Listings

Purchase a Featured Listing to take your school’s profile to the next level! Appear higher on category pages, let students easily contact you and prevent competitors ads from appearing on your listing.


  • Price: $350 USD/year
  • Featured Listings featured on homepage of TEFLCourseReview.com.
  • Featured Listings will not display competitor’s ads on the same page as single school listing.
  • Featured Listings will not display a link to “Related” courses within the description of the school.
  • Add more information about your school including:
    • Video
    • Full Address
    • Map of Headquarters
    • Phone Number
    • Contact Email Address
    • List of Accreditations
    • Link to Contact Form (on your website)
    • Link to Facebook Profile Page
    • Link to Twitter Profile Page
    • Link to YouTube Profile Page
    • Link to LinkedIn Profile Page
  • Featured Listings have their logo displayed on category pages.
  • Featured Listings have are highlighted on category pages.
  • Featured Listings appear above all non-featured schools on category pages by default.
  • Featured Listings are only available to schools listed on TEFLCourseReview.com.

Display Locations

Featured Listings are called out in a variety of places on the TEFLCourseReview.com website. Below are the 4 locations Featured Listings are promoted over non-featured schools:

1. Homepage

All Featured Listings will be listed on the homepage of TEFLCourseReview.com in the Featured Schools section.

Featured Schools Section on Homepage

2. Highlighted on Category Pages

All Featured Listings will be highlighted on category pages, having a strong call to action button plus logo and “Complete Profile” badge displaying.

3. Additional Details on Single Listing Page

All Featured Listings have additional data displayed about their school on their own school page.

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