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Review of St. Giles International


St Giles offers TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language) courses for native or near-native speakers of English who wish to become teachers. It also offers professional development courses for practising teachers who want to improve their language skills and teaching methodology.

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Courses Offered

Type: On-site TEFL Courses
Length: Mini Courses (<30 hours)Standard (120-140 hours)Long Courses (150+ hours)
Certificate: Cambridge CELTA, DELTA
Specialist Courses: GrammarProfessional DevelopmentTraining for Non-Native Speakers
Additional Features: Part Time Option

Location of Courses

England, UK, USA
Overall Rating4.674.674.674.674.67
Course Content55555
Practice Teaching55555
Quality of Feedback55555
Lesson Plan Guidance4.334.334.334.334.33
Instructor Competency4.674.674.674.674.67
Job Placement3.673.673.673.673.67
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3 Customer Reviews of St. Giles International

Review by Cecilia Mari, August 31, 2017

Overall Rating 44444
Course Content 55555
Practice Teaching 55555
Quality of Feedback 55555
Lesson Plan Guidance 44444
Instructor Competency 44444
Job Placement 44444
Facilities/Resources 44444

St. Giles gave me the tools to start a new job career in teaching English. I gained enough knowledge to have me confident in my future plans. The school is spacious, clean and organized. The staff is friendly and professional. Overall it was a good experience.

Review by Abdul B, August 30, 2017

Overall Rating 55555
Course Content 55555
Practice Teaching 55555
Quality of Feedback 55555
Lesson Plan Guidance 55555
Instructor Competency 55555
Job Placement 44444
Facilities/Resources 44444

I took the one-month CELTA intensive course at St. Giles NYC in July 2017. It was a challenging but enjoyable experience.

The staff was friendly and helpful. The trainers were very professional and clearly knew their stuff.

We were a small group of CELTA trainees, which was a big plus for me. I felt the trainers were able to give each trainee more time and attention.

Overall it was a great experience.

Review by Nick Pellatt, July 7, 2010

Overall Rating 55555
Course Content 55555
Practice Teaching 55555
Quality of Feedback 55555
Lesson Plan Guidance 44444
Instructor Competency 55555
Job Placement 33333
Facilities/Resources 44444

I completed a Trinity course at St Giles Eastbourne in 2008, and thought I should post a review here as no one else seems to have done!

I had been teaching for two years before taking this course, and of all the things I learnt on the course, perhaps the most important thing was the realisation that I should have taken the plunge and done the course earlier!

I wont write too much about the course itself, that information can be found anywhere, but I will say a few things about St Giles, and my course experience there.

The two tutors worked perfectly well together, with a good balance between their personalities, skills and approaches. I was actually quite inspired by them really, and wished for the charisma of one, and the knowledge of the other. A good team I think.

St Giles Eastbourne is a nice school, conveniently located on the outskirts of the town, small enough for the experience to seem personal, big enough that you get a chance to meet and teach a variety of students in a nice setting.

The only downside, and I should mention one really…is that with a full complement of 12 trainees, the training room felt a little small sometimes. But that really is my only gripe, and its a small one at that.

On that basis, I am going to score 5 stars in the ratings box above in the first 4 categories, but slip to 4 stars on the lesson plan guidance. This is because I personally need more time to think over any changes to my lesson plans…Generally my lesson plans were reviewed in the morning, with changes to be made for my afternoon lesson. I guess I wanted more time than this, but this might be just me…in fact, I think it is just me….

I’ve then given another 5 stars, before slipping down to a 3 star for the job placement. I have given this a slightly below average rating as during the job placement input session we were introduced to a recruiter for ILA. The positions she was offering were for degree holders…and at that time, a number of the people in the room didnt hold degrees, so I felt jobs many of us couldnt apply for didnt really help. I didnt discuss any further options with St Giles, but in fairness to them, this was possibly because I already had work lined up.

Facilities and resources I gave 4 stars, as the training room was a little small as mentioned above.

Overally though…I really enjoyed my St Giles Trinity experience, and couldnt recommend them or the course high enough. Having spent a month learning how to teach at St Giles, I felt a lot better equipped to teach and have improved a lot as an EFL teacher.

St Giles Eastbourne is a great place to take a Trinity course, and is highly recommended IMO!

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